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Cache Direct has recognized new trends in the marketplace, currently more than ever people are looking to save money. As a result of this Cache Direct and business around the GTA community have partnered up to fill the growing demand for huge savings. Cache Direct welcomes you to join our Vendor Alliance Program in providing additional value added products and services to our Bundle Users, such as home furnishings, mortgages, renovations, jewellery and much more at wholesale prices. Consumers are demanding cost savings more than ever before across all product categories. Cache Direct is in the business of recruiting vendors that can provide quality based products at wholesale prices while being able to provide the appropriate support system to follow. Below are a few important benefits for vendors that qualify for the Cache Direct vendor program.

Customer Access

A vendor will have access to over 5,000 + customers (Bundle Users) to date and a continued growth rate of 50 to 100 additional Bundle Users per month. The most important point of interest is that customers join the Cache Direct organization once paying a Bundle Fee because they have full intentions to use the vendors' part of the club. Thus, if Cache Direct acquires the new Bundle User, shortly the vendor will secure a sale as well ongoing sales.

A Zero Costing Business Acquisition Model

Cache Direct is the organization that will be spending significant dollars to market and source qualified leads in which all vendors will receive tremendous benefit. There is no cost to the program currently; however with some adequate volumes to each vendor a fee may be implemented at some point in the future. Rest assured the fee will be reasonable and fall below the profits sustained by the Cache Direct vendor through Cache Direct efforts.

Qualified Market

Cache Direct Bundle users are pre-screened and qualified for one or multiple products and or services that our vendors carry prior to Cache Direct marketing to them. This is a condition that Cache Direct adheres to always because cost of acquisition is high therefore accuracy is of the utmost importance. We are doing the hard work to source the customers for you!

Cache Direct Support System

Cache Direct has an in house customer service team and process designed to work with our strategic vendor partners. From industry to industry there are varying methods to the process with respect to the customer service function. Please discuss the options with the Cache Direct Vendor Manager.

Vendor Requirements to Qualify:

  1. Wholesale prices
  2. Examples of wholesale prices and cost savings versus competitors
  3. Catalogues - preferably print with product price page included
  4. Vendor Letter(s) describing relationship with Cache Direct as well as vendor product offerings, wholesale prices for Cache Direct Bundle Users industry reputation or Better Business Bureau report status, affiliated associations, industry awards received and other related information
  5. Product samples if applicable
  6. Marketing material including logo, brochures, posters, banners for showroom display
  7. An appointed dedicated vendor representative to service our member requests
  8. Proper communication to vendor's internal team for awareness purposes on the Cache Direct Bundle Program
  9. Photos of the location that carry the products including site, products, staff etc.

Vendor Program Cost

This is currently a NO COST MODEL for each vendor that is approved

We look forward to establishing a long term strategic partnership with tremendous rewards.